Concrete Service: Tips on How to Maintain Concrete Surfaces

Care for Your Concretes!

Concrete is remarkably adaptable. It may be tailored to meet any purpose and utilized in a wide range of applications. Contrary to common opinion, polished concrete surfaces require maintenance. With regular cleaning, your concrete surfaces will stay gorgeous and spotless for many years to come. A professional concrete service offers the following important tips for maintaining concrete surfaces:


Dust your concrete surfaces every day using a microfiber cloth pad to prevent surface damage. The concrete surface may get damaged if rough or dirty pads are used. When dusting concrete, be clear of anything that might etch or harm it. To prevent scouring the surface and harming the finish, all visible dirt or debris must be entirely removed.

Wet Cleaning

Water can be used often to clean polished concrete surfaces. To avoid damaging the concrete when cleaning it, use neutral chemicals. The surface coatings on polished concrete can be damaged by cleaning solutions with an unbalanced pH because they are either too alkaline or underly acidic. On polished concrete, abrasive cleaning methods and powerful chemicals don’t appear to be effective. In extremely used areas that need a thorough cleaning, a floor scrubber with a new pad should be utilized. Stains and spills must be removed with neutralized cleaners.

Professional Solutions

When regular washing may not be sufficient to restore the polished concrete surfaces’ luster; expert cleaning may be required. This is valid if there are stains or areas on your flooring where liquid has spilled and the surface has subsequently been scrapped. The need to consider rehabilitative options is essential. Concrete experts use water-based floor stripping solutions to clean the floors as the first step in restoring the polished concrete’s former brightness.

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